Butterfly valve MV-PKM

  • butterfly valve type MV-PKM, mounted between pipe flanges, is used as a control or shut-off valve intended for operation with air or process gases,
  • lamellar sealing suitable for dusty gases,
  • possibility of customising face to face length,
  • standard shaft working position: horizontal (available versions with a shaft positioned vertically),
  • leakage rate up to 0.1% Kvs (available with sealing ensuring 100% tightness),
  • lightweight shaft version for operation in ventilation systems,
  • butterfly valve MV-PKM is used in power generation, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, cement, paper and sugar industries.


Nominal diameter:DN 50 to DN 1200; intermediate and larger diameters made to special orders
Temperature range:-40°C to 1100°C (depending on material)
Actuator:electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, hand actuator
Actuator adaption:ISO 5211 or customised
Working pressure:up to 0,5 bar relative. Versions above 0,5 bar made to special orders
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