Expansion Joint MV-KEN

  • rubber expansion joint for use in cooling water systems, desalination plants, drinking water supply, plant constructions e. g. in pipelines, on pumps, as dismantling joints, on condensers and vessels,
  • highly elastic, hydrodynamic, single-arch rubber bellows with full faced rubber flanges and backing flanges with a support collar,
  • type MV-U110A, MV-U111A and MV-U112A enables compensating axial, lateral and angular movements, axial and lateral stiffness rates,
  • type MV-U110X, MV-U111X and MV-U112X enables compensating axial and lateral movements, lateral stiffness rates.


Nominal diameter:DN 100 up to DN 4000 customised diameters and diameters above DN 4000 made to special orders
Face to face:
150 up to 500, customised diameters made to special orders
Work pressure:up to 25 bar. Vacuum-proof up to 0.8 bar absolute. With a support ring up to 0.05 bar absolute. Design in accordance with PED 97/23/EC
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