Eccentric Butterfly Valve MV-PKE

  • eccentric butterfly valve is used as a control or shut-off valve intended for operation with air, process gases, coke oven gas and other,
  • possibility of customising face to face length and flange connections,
  • 100% tightness,
  • available in version up to 150°C and above 150°C,
  • possibility of making with heating jacket,
  • eccentric butterfly valve MV-PKE are used in power generation, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, coke cement, paper and sugar industries.


Flange drilling:PN 2,5, PN 6, PN 10, PN 16 or other. preparation for welded joints or other connections available on special order
Nominal diameter:DN 300 to DN 2000, possibility of diameter customization. Diameters above DN 2000 available on special request
Temperature range:-40°C to 550°C (depending on material)
Material:carbon steel, stailess steel, acid resistant steel or other
Actuator:electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, manual actuator
Sealing:NBR, Viton, metal-metal, lamellar with graphite, lamellar with PTFE or other
Actuator adaption:ISO 5211 or other
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