Stop log MV-ZSZ

  • stop log is used for shutting off or adjusting the flow in channels with drinking water, waste water, cooling water, river water etc.,
  • appropriate pressure of beams, guaranteeing their tightness is ensured by a special compression key,
  • stop log can also be used to shut off the flow of liquids during repairs done in buildings,
  • use of adjusting screws provides a simple and accurate mounting in the grooves,
  • FEM-aided individual structural calculations performed for specific operational parameters and places of installation,
  • all stainless steel elements undergo etching and passivation by dipping or spraying.


Work pressure:up to top of the stop log (leaktightness based on PN-EN 12266-2, Table A.5, leaktightness class: C)
Width [mm]:up to 6000, widths exceeding 6000 mm require an extra column
Height [mm]:up to 1500, stop logs of heights exceeding 1500 are made to special orders
Material:1.4301, 1.4462, 1.4539, 1.4571, Aluminium
Seal:NBR, EPDM, Viton or others


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